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Shelly Shelton, a future best selling author, is author of SMILE The How to Guide to Get Through Any Storm & The Adventures of Chandler & The Traveling Prayer Shawl. She is the Chief Executive Officer of I AM Shelly Shelton, LLC & Founder of UNSTOPPABLE UNIVERSITY --including Aspiring Speakers Academy and TLC RECRUITING Academy. Shelly is well known as a Powerful Women's Empowerment & Corporate Focused Motivational Speaker, Accountability Specialist, & Talent Acquisition Guru! Shelly coaches, trains, and motivates aspiring speakers, entrepreneurs, franchise owners, small business owners, students and educators how to create their formulas & strategies for success, how to speak their truth, how to use their story to catapult them to a new level professionally and, and how to hire the right team to support you in your growth so you all grow together and stay together! Her Unstoppable Mentality she has not only extended to her clients, but it's also represented through her clothing line, I AM Gear. 

Shelly's motto "ONE WOMAN CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. I AM NEVER GIVING UP. I CAN DO THIS!" is nothing short of what she lives everyday in her personal & professional life. No wonder she has the confidence to say, "I AM SHELLY SHELTON!" 


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