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About Shelly

Shelly is the Chief Executive Officer of Shelly Shelton & Associates, LLC (dba of I AM Shelly Shelton, LLC), Luke 137 Realty, LLC; President & Founder of Lady Lions Sisterhood (a 501.3c non-profit) and Founder of Unstoppable University, Aspiring Speakers Academy and TLC Recruiting Academy. She is a well-known Powerful & Inspiring Corporate Empowerment Transformational Speaker, & Talent Acquisition Subject Matter Expert! Shelly coaches, trains, and motivates corporate clients, business owners, entrepreneurs, & franchise owners how to create their formulas and strategies for success, how to staff the right team so you can manifest the dream, and how to use their story to catapult them to a new level professionally. She has not only extended her Unstoppable Mentality to her clients, but it's also represented in her clothing line featuring the themes: I WROTE THE VISION & I MADE IT PLAIN & I BELIEVED I COULD SO I DID.

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