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Unstoppable University

is a mastermind accountability, career transition, & speaking platform. It is geared to help both men & women progress. It is a 3 tiered solution designed to show you that you are Unstoppable personally & professionally!




The premise behind becoming "Unstoppable" is that building a successful business, life, and career isn’t just about what you know, but who you are accountable to.

No matter how smart you are, how much talent you have, or how hard you grind at your goals, you can’t do it alone. You can attempt to, but it will take you much longer than if you connected yourself with the right people who can hold you accountable.

That’s why this unique program mixes coaching with access to those “inaccessible” people in various industries who can help you get the results you want super-fast.

Unstoppable U Tiers

Aspiring Speakers Academy : Cohort of individuals that are beginners in the speaking game, those aspiring to get past fears, those needing confidence in the board room and in their meetings/presentations, etc!!! Shelly has been trained & coached by the best— Eric Thomas, Global Motivational Speaker, CJ Quinney, & Kendall Ficklin.  ASA is for those aspiring to take their careers to the next level using presentation delivery, public speaking, & idea generation. You will have access to a private Facebook Cohort. 
Benefits Include:
1. Affordable savings of $900/month to do the Special Academy Rate of $99/month + tax
2. Time: Convenient for you!! Saturday's at 11:00 am EST  or Sunday's at 7:00 pm EST via Zoom video conference call! You are Still Accessible to your kids & Family if emergencies occur! You do not have to come to me or meet anywhere! No gas money!! No wear & tear on your car!! We do this wherever you are!
3. Convenience— access on any device. Phone or laptop etc! You choose!
4. Measure Your Success! Enough said!
5. Time- only taking up 1.5 hours of your time per month! But you will have to put in the work!!
*Individualized coaching is available. Please contact Shelly for details. 
Join Aspiring Speakers Academy for Women Today!
Unstoppable U Group Coaching: Group coaching for men & women who need help with getting through divorce, relationships, and have true accountability. We have group calls for Unstoppable University on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm EST. Membership cost: $49/month. It includes: access to a private coaching Facebook group, & 3 -45-minute Accountability calls per month.
*In addition, if you desire 1:1 individualized coaching, it is available at a separate fee. Please contact Shelly regarding details. 
Join Unstoppable U Today!
TLC Recruiting Academy: Designed to help the job seeker who's looking to advance or start a new career. In addition, TLC contracts with employers to help find them the right staffing for their respective industry. There’s group coaching once/week to help with interviewing, resume writing, dressing for success, etc. If interested in getting that jump start- contact Shelly at 815-662-5452 or sign up for monthly membership for just $99+ tax! Shelly with her 15 years of experience in Talent Acquisition/Recruiting will get you jump started on your new career. 

*Employers please email or call to schedule time for a discovery session to discuss your staffing needs & associated costs of how we can help.
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"Shelly is truly amazing! She will not only help you assess your business and she'll show you how to take it from Good to Great. I've accomplished more in 60 days than I have in a year...that speaks volumes. Thank you Shelly!"

Sharee Sloan
Owner of Six21 (Greensboro, NC)

"Shelly is incredibly uplifting, strong, and full of encouragement. She challenges thoughts, holds you accountable, and is incredibly supportive and loving. She is the best!!"

Lisa Espinoza
Owner, LE Fitness (Wichita, KS)

"Shelly Shelton is no nonsense when it comes to seeing people be successful. Her compassion for others is evident in her ability to get to the core of what has you stuck without making you feel ashamed. Her holistic approach to self-discovery and using what's already inside of you to produce your own breakthrough is what makes working with Shelly so powerful. She holds you accountable and forces you to do the hard work that is necessary to your personal growth. She gets results because she is so driven and passionate about what she does and she genuinely wants to see you win. Shelly uses her own life to show you that no matter what you are going through you have the power, at any given moment, to change it. I loved working with her and highly recommend her to anyone who feels stuck in their life and is ready for a REAL change."

Yolanda Moore
Head College WBB Coach | WNBA Champion | Speaker | Author

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